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Private and Alternative School Options and Ideas

There is no doubt -- private schooling is a big commitment -- and a liberating and exciting one. You make and support the choices about your children's education. You become the decision maker who shapes your children's future!

Here we provide ways to find private schools, ideas for creative alternatives, and thoughts on financing your children's education.

Find a Private School

National Center for Education Statistics. Search for private schools on this useful database. Very good listing -- many ways to search, provides stats such as grade levels of schools, student population, contact info for schools. Some info is not up-to-date (i.e., schools that have added grades are still reported at old level). Lots of other useful info on this site.

CAPE - Council for American Private Education. Find schools and information about them. Good source for the benefits of private education. Also has stats and facts about private education.

Association of Christian Schools International. Find schools and information about them.

American Association of Christian Schools. Find schools and information about them.

Christian School Associations. Information about schools from the Nehemiah Institute.

Discover Christian Schools. Thought-provoking questions and answers for Christian parents, as well as a search tool for finding a Christian school in your area.

The Alternative Education Resources Organization. Find alternative, private schools and information about alternative schooling.

Other Ways to Find Private Schools. Not all private schools are listed with organizations or on web sites. Ask around at local churches, public libraries, your chamber of commerce. Check your Yellow Pages, pay attention to signs outside churches, ask friends (it's amazing what your friends often know and don't think to tell you).

Alternative School Options

Alternatives. Not all private education has to be in a school building. You can choose correspondence courses or on-line courses for either all or part of your children's education. Many private schools now allow part-time attendance. You can pool your resources with several other families to hire a teacher or tutor (or even just someone to oversee work you provide for your child). You can also use outside resources to enrich your child's private education. Check out our home education resources for some possibilities.

Financing Private Schooling

Creative Ways to Afford Private School.  Ideas on how to come up with the money to pay for independent education.

Can't Afford Private School?  A Family That Did It.  "Let me tell you a true story. I'm the oldest of eleven children..."

Children's Scholarship Fund.  67,000 partial private school scholarships provided thus far to low income families. Demand for this service is much higher than ability to help. This is a worthwhile organization to urge people to support.

FinAid.  Advice, borrowing suggestions, resources.

Your Tuition Solution.  Ways to finance secondary private education through loans.  Some info on financial aid.

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Education Resources
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