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Education Resources

Your Gateway to Independent Education

There are ways for everyone -
Parents, Grandparents, Concerned Citizens, Leaders, Educators, Entrepreneurs - to choose and support independent education.

Find your area of interest and look at all the resources available to you!  This truly is your gateway to independent education.

I'm interested in private or alternative schools.  Parents, grandparents, and others interested in private schooling for children in their lives will find out how to locate, choose, and finance schooling.

I'm interested in home education.  Contacts for curriculum and resources, how to find out the laws in your state, how to find organizations and support groups, suggestions for teaching individual subjects, outlines of teaching methods, special needs links, and much, much more.

I'm interested in starting a private school.  Numerous links to put you in contact with ideas, resources, and people who can help.

I would like to help support home educators.  Ideas and resources for leaders and others wishing to help home educators.

I would like to help others stay the course in their commitment to independent education.  Lots of ideas and thoughts for those who wish to encourage or help in more practical ways people committed to private or home education.

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Education Resources
Updated March 26, 2010