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What If...

What if families could choose any school they wanted?  What if there were no rules on what or how teachers taught?  Would children learn more or less?  Would society be drawn together or blown apart? These are treated as hypothetical questions in the modern debate over schooling, but the answers have been right behind us all along.
   -Andrew J. Coulson, Market Education

If you had the choice and the freedom, what sort of education would you fashion for your children?  What kind of teachers would you choose?  What would you want your children to learn?  What kind of people would your children be when they emerged from their schooling?


Imagine it!  You choose!  You control!

You shape your children's future.


What Was...

You don't need to start imagining with a blank slate.  As Mr. Coulson noted, "the answers have been right behind us all along."  History has already shown us what works and what doesn’t when it comes to schooling.

The two civilizations* enjoying the greatest achievements in art, science, and literacy of their times relied on unregulated, family-driven school systems. 
[*Classical Athens and the early medieval Muslim empire]
   -Andrew J. Coulson, Market Education 

A more modern civilization also achieved great things riding on the coat-tails of unregulated, family-driven schooling - America.


But that's probably not what you learned in school.  Most of us were taught or led to believe that America became a great nation because of its public schools.  We learned that forced government schooling brought us together culturally and turned us from ignorant settlers into educated citizens.


The truth is that America had become the land of invention, opportunity, growth and hope well before compulsory state schooling ever took root.  This is why it was the destination of choice for oppressed people around the world.


What Is...

Today we're faced with two choices: state schooling and independent schooling.


We invite you to join us in exploring the history of these options so you'll understand the state of affairs we now find ourselves in.


State schooling took root in the mid-1800s.  By 1865, the Wisconsin Teachers Association was insisting (along with many others) that "children are the property of the state."


Independent educators and parents have fought a long, hard battle to maintain their freedom.  Their efforts have paid big dividends - not only for themselves, but for the many people today who find their children hurt and poorly served by state schools.


Our goal is to serve as a beacon of education and hope.  We'll help you understand not only why we face a crisis in education, but what you can do about it.  You have options today!  Independence is a choice you can make now!


Come with us! 

If you haven't read our Road to Freedom e-series, that's an excellent place to begin. 

If you've already been through the Road to Freedom, you may wish to explore more deeply or even jump into the action.  Try these resources:

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  • Why shouldn't the government be involved?
  • Can't we just reform public schools?
  • What about the poor?
  • And many more.

Education Resources - Are you interested in independent education for your own children?  Are you a leader who would like to support independent education or start a school?  This is the place to begin.

How Can You Help? - Maybe you'd like to spread the message of independence or find practical ways to impact one child's life or even public opinion.  Find ideas to suit every personality, pocketbook, and schedule.

Take a look at our left index for other useful and interesting areas to visit with us.  You'll find regularly updated news and events, stats & facts, quotations and much more.

We thank you for visiting with us and look forward to "seeing" you again!

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Last updated January 29, 2008