Is There a Solution

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Is There a Solution?

Get the government out!  Okay, we're realists.  That's not going to happen tomorrow.


So the best solution is for families to get their children out NOW - and for others to help them.


Is That Possible?


Millions of families have already done it.  Eight million children are educated without government assistance or interference.  Imagine another eight million joining their ranks… and then another!

It's already happening.  The ranks of independent educators - private and home schools - are growing daily.  And you can help.  You don't need to change the world - only your little corner of it.  You can start with your own children or grandchildren.  You can help free children within your congregation or community.  Or you can support those who work directly in independent education.


It's a serious commitment and responsibility, but it's highly doable.



Isn’t There Some Other Solution?


It’s always nice to think that there’s some answer that will demand less of us, but in this case there is simply no other option.  If you still feel unconvinced, we ask you to please read through our website and weigh the evidence.  A good place to start is with The Case for Separation.



The Good News is . . .


The trail has already been blazed.  And it's getting wider and clearer every day.


Whether you want to take back your own children’s education or help others in some small or big way, there is a world of support out there.

Take a look at our Education Resources and How Can You Help? features.  You'll find options for private schooling, homeschooling, ways to finance your children's education, and many creative ways to help others step into freedom.

This is a truly exciting time for independent education!  Opportunities abound and we still retain enough freedom to take full advantage of them.


The future is full of hope.  Please join us - and millions of others - on an exciting journey toward educational freedom.

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Is There a Solution?
Updated March 26, 2010