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Found this from St. Louis Homeschooling Examiner. It includes four very amusing videos we thought you'd enjoy:

Local Comedian Tim Hawkins and other homeschool laughs
St. Louis Homeschooling Examiner
Posted July 11, 2009

Thanks to Karl Priest for sharing this with us.

Required Viewing on School Choice
Tertium Quids
Posted August 6, 2008

A friend sent Marshall this six-minute clip from the great British comedy series, "Yes, Prime Minister." It exposes brilliantly - and hilariously - the arrogant presumptions of those who regard parents as being unqualified to make eduational choices for their children (and who regard politicians and bureaucrats as being worthy to be trusted with such choices.)

Homeschooling Vs Public Schooling

Posted by Manuel Lora

Did you hear about the homeschool Dad who was interviewed by a local newspaper reporter?


"Well," says the reporter, "That sounds like a fine education, sir, but what about your son's socialization?"


The father answers, "Oh, that's easy. Every day, I take him into the bathroom, beat him up and take away his lunch money."


Submitted by Ned Vare 

***** CHALLENGE!  Turn this into a cartoon - and submit it to our office!

Marshall Fritz through the eyes of a 7-year old!


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On the Lite Side
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